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Solea Laser

Solea Laser

The Solea All-Tissue Laser makes once feared procedures, painless and anesthesia free. Many procedures that once required drilling can now be completed quickly and effectively. The Solea is backed by years of research and development with patient comfort and expediting healing as the top priorities. Contact us to learn how the Solea is changing the lives of patients.

The Solea laser is an FDA approved device

Cerec Machine

CEREC Milling and Grinding Unit

The CEREC allows us to create high quality inlays, onlays, crowns, and veneers with perfect accuracy in at little as 4 minutes. Which means we can create your crown the same say as your visit. The Doctor creates a 3D model of the desired tooth using software designed specifically for the CEREC unit then sends it to milled and ground with 100% accuracy right in the office. By leveraging CAM and CAD technologies patients enjoy perfect crowns, with no temporary, in a single day. 

We strive to provide a comfortable, safe and pain-free environment. If at any moment you have questions or concerns please feel free to ask any of our staff.

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